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Emergency Shelter Information

We do not automatically open all emergency shelters during an evacuation. Several factors determine which shelters will be open. Listen to local radio stations for updates.

The Emergency Broadcast System stations in Okaloosa County are: AM 1260, AM 1050, FM 105.5, FM 104.7 and FM 99.5. Listen to one of these stations during a hurricane alert for important information.

Familiarize yourself with these directions any time there is a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico or off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Compare the directions to a road map, and trace your route to shelters or to a point outside this area. Keep your vehicle's fuel tank topped off, and get some extra cash from the bank. Make sure you have enough prescription medications to last at least a week without refill. Hotels in Alabama fill up fast during an evacuation. Leave early to beat the traffic jams and to increase your chance of finding a hotel. Shelters do not allow pets, but many hotels will allow small pets in the room.

Shelter Locations:
(Please note that this is just a convenient name for Evacuation Centers. We cannot guarantee any particular level of safety at a shelter. They are selected because they are outside of hurricane surge zones and are of generally sturdy construction.)

Map for Shelter Locations
The public should listen for public announcements as to shelter openings and times.

Evacuation Route Map

Antioch Elementary School
Antioch Road
Crestview, FL

Baker School
1369 14th Street
Baker, FL
(Access off of Rte. 4 in Baker - look for signs on right side of road when you get into Baker. If you miss the sign, turn right at the caution light in Baker, then right again.)

Davidson Middle School
6261 Old Bethel Road
Crestview, FL
(This site is designated as Pet Friendly.)

Kenwood Elementary School
15 NE Eagle ST
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Riverside Elementary - 2415 spaces
3400 Redstone Avenue
Crestview, FL 32536

Shoal River Middle School - 1980 spaces
3200 Redstone Avenue
Crestview, FL 32536

NWFSC Raider Arena
100 College Blvd
Niceville, FL 32578
(This site is designated as Pet Friendly.)

Print out our Okaloosa County Disaster Evacuation Map and store copies in your vehicle and your Disaster Supply Kit

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